Feb 27

How Far Is Sea World From Disneyland?

Two of southern California’s biggest attractions are Disneyland and Sea World, located in Anaheim, Los Angeles and San Diego respectively, although there are also Sea World parks in Florida and Texas. If you are planning to visit both places and are wondering how far is Sea World from Disneyland? By car, the answer is about 130 miles.

The easiest way if you are driving is to take Interstate 15, which runs from downtown San Diego to the eastern suburbs of LA. This journey should theoretically take just a couple of hours, although as Los Angeles is notorious for its gridlocked traffic, you should allow more time. Another option is to take Interstate 5, which runs along the coast for much of its route.

How Far is Sea World San Diego to DisneylandBecause of the often horrendous traffic, you may want to consider another means of transportation. There are various bus services between the two cities, and although you are subject to the same traffic jams, at least someone else is doing the driving, allowing you to sit back and enjoy the scenery.

If you are thinking of taking the bus, it is worth shopping around to compare prices as well as any special offers or discounts. However, you still have to get to and from the bus station in both cities, so you will have to reckon in the extra time and expense.

Amtrak provides train service between LA and San Diego, although again you have the extra time and expense involved getting to and from the train station at either end. The journey takes just over two hours.

Flying between the two cities is also an option, and the plane journey only takes about 40 minutes. However, you will spend much longer than that checking in and going through security, making driving the best way to get between these two theme parks.

You can get a package between the two parks from many online travels companies. You can also just create your own travel plans and see many of the towns, cities and mountains that California has to offer. If you are in area already, try to find Sea World coupons and Disneyland discounts from the local tourist and Chamber of Commerce facilities.

Plus getting local knowledge may help saving time if you are using the highway to drive between San Diego and Los Angelas.

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